Jessica Harrison

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We recently sat down with Jessica Harrison, host for our French events. After a decade of working behind the scenes in the events industry, she discovered that she had a natural talent for hosting. Read on to find out what she likes best about her role with Chief Wine Officer, and whether or not there’s a difference in how the British and the French like to taste wine…

Chief Wine Officer: How do you explain what you do for a living when friends or family ask?

Jessica Harrison: “I tell them that I ‘bring the energy’ to the party!”

How did you make the transition to being an event host?

“I’ve been in the events industry for about 10 years. When I joined Chief Nation, I was the dedicated manager for all French events and started shadowing our hosts and wine speakers until I gradually built enough confidence to host myself. I thoroughly enjoy welcoming and entertaining guests throughout the Chief Wine Officer events.”

Can you remember the first ever event you hosted? What did it feel like?

“It was soon after the pandemic when we started our first ever digital CWO events. It was nerve-racking, not knowing how well a virtual event would perform, and I was worried I might mess up my words. However, I met some lovely individuals and very quickly felt at ease. And the good thing with virtual events is that you can have notes up on a screen!”

You host our French events? Can you tell us about any cultural difference you have noticed between English and French events?

It does depend on the event, but I must say that the French are usually more adventurous with their wine tasting and look forward to discovering wines from different countries. They also tend to take the Chief Wine Officer competition very seriously, which is great to see!

What is the single best thing you have learned about people by being an event host?

“I learned that bringing together people who don’t know each other is such an amazing and admirable thing to witness. They are willing to meet new people and learn from each other.”

Our last question is an obvious one... What is your favourite wine?

“When it comes to white wines I do love Chablis. But overall, I must say Rose Champagne is my favourite!”

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