Frequently Asked Questions


What is Chief Wine Officer?

Chief Wine Officer is a long-running series of professional networking events tailored for the C-Suite and industry leaders.

Our events comprise keynotes on trending business topics, peer-to-peer discussions amongst a select group of 10-15 guests, and a fine wine tasting experience featuring an internationally renowned wine expert.

Our Masters of Wine and wine experts educate guests on the subtle art of wine tasting before quizzing the room to determine who is the best taster in the room – the “Chief Wine Officer.”

We offer two different styles of networking events: CWO LIVE for in-person events and CWO DIGITAL for virtual ones.

Who are CWO events for?

We invite executives and business leaders spanning a range of functions including IT, Finance, HR, Marketing, Transformation, Legal, and many more to our events. Our guests are mainly based in the US, UK, and EMEA, but could join from anywhere in the world via CWO DIGITAL.

Find out what CWO alumni think about us in our guest reviews.


With CWO DIGITAL, we bring together a selection of business leaders and decision makers from across the C-suite for an evening of insights and wine – all conducted virtually.

We deliver a complimentary trio of fine wines directly to our guests’ door to enjoy on the evening of the event. Guests then join the event via Zoom, where we introduce everyone and we begin sampling fine wines.

Throughout the evening, guests hear from keynote speakers, get to network with their peers in dedicated breakout rooms, and, of course, taste several unforgettable wines.

Capping off the evening, guests compete against one another to see who has learned the most from our wine expert and who has the best palate. The winner takes home the title of “Chief Wine Officer.”

What is CWO LIVE?

CWO LIVE brings 15 C-suite executives and business leaders together for an evening of fine dining, wine tasting, and bleeding-edge industry insights at VIP locales around the world.

London, Miami, Paris, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, New York, and everywhere in between – CWO LIVE is a truly global event series, encompassing some of the finest restaurants and hotels.

Places for CWO LIVE are highly popular and very limited. Sign up to our newsletter to receive priority invites for industry-specific events.

How long does a CWO event last?

CWO DIGITAL events last for two hours. UK and EMEA events usually start at 6PM or 7PM local time, and US events usually start at 4PM Pacific Time and 6PM Eastern Time respectively.

CWO LIVE events last slightly longer at three hours. They start at 6:15PM. Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, we’re currently hosting CWO LIVE events in the UK only.

How do I sign up to join an event?

You can find an event and register your interest to join on our events calendar.

If you don’t see an event that’s right for your business interests just now, don’t worry. You can register your details with us and we’ll email you with an invitation to a relevant event as soon as it comes up.

Does it cost anything to attend a CWO event?

No, attending a CWO event is complimentary.

Who sponsors CWO events?

We partner with some of the world’s leading technology companies in the UK, US and EMEA to bring together like-minded executives at our events.

If you’d like to sponsor or run your own CWO event, get in touch with our colleagues over at Chief Nation.

What can I expect from the keynotes at CWO events?

The keynotes at CWO events are held by senior executives at global technology companies and/or their customers. The presentations centre around a different topic at each event.

At one event, we could look at the latest innovations in cloud solutions, but at the next we could be looking at how leading enterprises are revolutionising their customer experiences in a hyper-digital world. We cover every tech topic you can think of, and every keynote is followed up with interactive Q&As between the speaker and guests.

Previous and recurring speakers at CWO have included some of the top thought leaders from the industry. We’ve welcomed Aparna Sharma, Managing Partner Hybrid Cloud Transformation at IBM Consulting; Christian Arndt, UK CISO at PwC; Ramses Gallego, International CTO at CyberRes; and Sue Daley, Director Tech and Innovation at techUK, to name just a few.

If you’d like to find out how you can speak at one of our prestigious events, get in touch today.

How can I benefit from networking at CWO events?

CWO events are a great place to network with fellow business leaders. They are the prime opportunity to meet people from other parts of the country and the world. But even better, to meet your peers from across industries and sectors to see how they are tackling today’s challenges.

At CWO DIGITAL, we provide a chance to have insightful discussions with your peers in dedicated breakout rooms. The chat function in Zoom is always enabled throughout the event, too.

At CWO LIVE, you’re in the same room as your peers – so there’s plenty of opportunity to build new connections. While CWO LIVE officially ends at 9:30PM, you’re more than welcome to stay on at the venue if the conversation is going well!
We take great efforts to make sure everyone feels welcome at CWO. If you’re not a natural when it comes to networking, you’ll still feel right at home with us. You can find more networking tips in our guide to attending.

Who are the CWO wine experts?

The wine experts who host the tastings at CWO events are professional wine tasters, educators and critics. Several of them are Masters of Wine – the highest qualification in the wine industry, which is currently held by just 418 individuals worldwide.

To find out more about our Masters of Wine and wine experts, check out their profiles and interviews here.

How does the CWO wine tasting competition work?

You’ll taste and learn about champagne, white and red wines in guided sessions between the keynotes and business discussions.

The competition starts after you’ve tasted the red wine. Your wine host will ask you a series of questions based on what you’ve learned throughout the evening. Get an answer wrong and you’re out of the contest – but at least you still get to enjoy the wine!

The last guest standing in the strike-out competition wins, earning the title of “Chief Wine Officer.” Be the envy of your peers and plaster this accolade all over your LinkedIn profile!


How do I join a CWO DIGITAL event on the night?

You’ll join your CWO through a Zoom link that we’ll have shared with you via email ahead of the event. You’ll get the best user experience if you join via the Zoom desktop application rather than your browser. You can download Zoom here.

How do the breakout rooms work at CWO DIGITAL?

The breakout rooms at CWO DIGITAL are an opportunity to discuss the event topic more intimately with a smaller group of guests.

After the keynote presentations and full-group Q&A, you’ll be invited to join a smaller group of (usually) 5-8 other guests to network and discuss common challenges and thoughts on the event topic.

What is a virtual wine tasting?

A virtual wine tasting is just like a normal wine tasting in a restaurant or vineyard – except that it’s hosted online!

We deliver a selection of fine wines direct to our guests’ homes ahead of the event for them to enjoy during the evening.

The guided tasting is hosted by one of the professional wine educators we partner with for our events. You can meet our wine experts here.


Where are CWO LIVE events hosted?

CWO LIVE takes place in cities around the world, but is currently being hosted in the UK only. We work with VIP and five-star venues like the Rosewood Hotel and City Social in London, and similar high-class restaurants and hotels throughout the country.

We have private reception and dining areas at all CWO LIVE events. After the event’s over, you’re welcome to stay on at the venue to sample even more of the best vinos in town.

CWO LIVE comes with a three-course dinner. Can you tell me more about that?

We sure can. CWO LIVE guests will enjoy a three-course dinner at an unforgettable venue, with each meal chosen to pair perfectly with our selection of fine wines.

The main presentation, business discussions, and the famed CWO competition happen between and after food has been served.

I have an allergy and/or dietary requirement. How do I flag this?

Once you’ve registered for an event, our team will be in touch to confirm your attendance and find out details about your dietary requirements. If at any point circumstances change, you can reach out to the event host to update them and your details.

What do you do if you need to cancel last minute?

If something happens and you need to cancel for any reason, don’t worry. Simply get in touch with the event host and let them know. We hope to see you at an upcoming CWO event instead!


What happens with my information after I register for an event?

After you submit your details, we’ll share your name, job title and company with the event sponsor to double confirm your attendance.

We and our sponsors never share data with third parties, and use it solely for the purpose of keeping you informed in the run-up to the event.

You can read the full details in our privacy policy.

Still not found the information you’re looking for?

Then we’ll be happy to answer your question personally. Please get in touch via our contact form today.