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Masters of Wine and wine experts co-host Chief Wine Officer events to give you an unforgettable wine tasting experience. Their unparalleled knowledge and passion for everything wine-related makes for an endlessly interesting and engaging tasting session.

There are only 415 Masters of Wine in the world, while our wine experts all boast a wide range of qualifications and achievements.

Amy Christine MW

Master of Wine | USA

Amy Christine has been a Master of Wine for ten years and, when she achieved the title in 2013, was one of only 13 female Masters of Wine in the entire United States. She also works for Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant and is a partner at Wine Ring, the leader in personalization software in the wine and spirits industry.

Amy and her husband, Peter Hunken, also co-own and operate Holus Bolus Winery in the Santa Barbara Valley, where they produce and release small-batch, refined wine created with time-honored and notable varieties.

Red wines almost always have fewer sulfites than white wines, and that bag of dried apricots you have in your cabinet likely has more sulfites than a whole bottle of wine. A more fun fact, it takes about 400 grapes to make a bottle of wine.

Anne Krebiehl MW

Master of Wine | UK

Anne Krebiehl MW is a widely published freelance wine writer and lecturer. She is the editor for Germany, Alsace and Austria for, regularly judges international wine competitions and is a panel chair at the International Wine Challenge. She completed her WSET Diploma in 2010 and was admitted to the Institute of Masters of Wine in September 2014.

She has harvested and helped to make wine in New Zealand, Germany and Italy. Her first book, The Wines of Germany, published in Infinite Ideas’ Classic Wine Library, appeared in September 2019 and won the Domaine Faiveley International Wine Book Of The Year 2020 award at the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards.

I love high-acid wines, especially Pinot Noir, Riesling and traditional method sparkling wines.

Cees van Casteren MW

Master of Wine | Netherlands

Cees is a consultant, wine writer and freelance journalist. In his previous role, he was globally responsible for Enological specialities like yeasts, enzymes and bacteria for the winemakers the Enology Group.

But now he writes about all things wine, having held the editorship of wine magazine Proefschrift in 2003 and of Perswijn’s Supplements from 2004 to 2009.

He has a weekly column in De Gelderlander and is a correspondent for Meininger’s Wine Business International. He also teaches WSET and other wine courses at Wijnstudio, Winefields, and has authored over ten books on wine.

When you pour a glass of Champagne, about 80% of the carbon dioxide escapes invisibly through the liquid’s surface. The rest forms the near one million bubbles in a Champagne flute.

Edouard Baijot MW

Master of Wine | France

Edouard Baijot est né à Reims et a grandi dans un petit village près de Vertus, dans la Côte des Blancs, où il a découvert la beauté de la Champagne dès son plus jeune âge. Il est entré dans l’industrie du vin en 2002 lorsqu’il a rejoint le vignoble E & J Gallo Winery en France.

Il a commencé en tant que représentant des ventes pour la Bretagne, où il a relevé le défi de vendre des vins californiens aux Français. Seize ans plus tard et après plusieurs promotions au sein de l’entreprise, il dirige désormais son activité pour l’Europe. Il a obtenu le titre de Maître du Vin en 2019.

Eugene Mlynczyk MW

Master of Wine | USA

Eugene Mlynczyk is one of the Canadian wine industry’s most celebrated professionals. He has held the hard-earned Master of Wine qualification since 2015 and is a Diploma Instructor at the Independent Wine Education Guild, where he was Diploma Program Coordinator for five years.

He has won several prestigious awards, including the Robert Mondavi Winery award issued by the Institute of Masters of Wine. Eugene also heads up national sales at Principle Fine Wines, selling a global range of the finest wines across the country.

The next time you’re tasting wine with your friends, think about how the wine feels in your mouth texturally. Is it super crisp, is it mouth-filling or is it really soft and silky?

Jane Parkinson

Wine expert | UK

Jane Parkinson is an award-winning journalist, actor, and broadcaster, best known for being the wine expert on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen Live.

She’s currently the Wine Club Editor for Metro newspaper, and Editor of luxury sustainable magazine Cherry. She’s a recipient of the IWSC Communicator of the Year Award and won the Chairman’s Award at the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards for a collection of articles on Champagne.

The ‘room temperature’ advice for serving red wine comes from days of old, before central heating. This means our houses are now much warmer in general which means there’s too much warm red wine about!

Julian Chamberlen

Wine expert | UK

A wine expert with over 30 years’ experience, Julian loves nothing more than sharing his extensive wine knowledge with our guests. He is a partner in Farthinghoe fine wine, a former Sales Director at Goedhuis, and previously at Layton’s, Bibendum and Veuve Clicquot.

Julian is a dedicated vinophile, spending his time picking vines, making wine, and travelling to countless European and Australian vineyards.

This wonderful wine we deal in has been in existence for many hundreds of years. We get to meet, eat, and drink with some extraordinary individuals. All full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm and with a shared love of the grape.

Libby Brodie

Wine expert | UK

Libby Brodie is a qualified wine consultant, founder of Bacchus & Brodie Wine Consultancy and City AM’s wine columnist with her regular ‘Wine Down Wednesday: Wine Without the Snobbery’ page.

Shortlisted as Emerging Wine Communicator of the Year, Libby writes for many publications, including Club Oenologique and Cosmopolitan, and has presented on TV, radio, and various podcasts.

May Matta-Aliah

Wine expert | USA

May is a New York based wine and brandy educator and President of In the Grape. She is a seasoned presenter, an accredited educator, a long-time instructor at the International Wine Center and brings 20 years of experience and knowledge to all her work. In her teachings, May leverages her wide breadth of knowledge, her hands-on industry experience along with insights gained from her extensive travel to the worlds’ wine regions.

May represents several wine and spirits regions as their regional ambassador guiding their strategic and educational initiatives stateside. She has also helped launch several Lebanese wines in the highly competitive New York market.

[My job is] what most people do for fun! I taste delicious wine, I eat amazing food, I meet passionate people that inspire me with what they do, and I get to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world, and I get to call all of this work!

Peter McCombie MW

Master of Wine | UK

Peter is one of only 415 Masters of Wine in the world, but wine was not his first love, and something he only took an interest in later in his life. After working in hospitality in his native New Zealand, he went to London to undertake his Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma, and decided, ‘I fancy the challenge’ of becoming a MW.

For over 30 years, Peter has enjoyed consulting, training, teaching, speaking and judging wine.

The best thing is helping people understand their own taste. It’s not about having “great” taste, it’s about understanding what you like and why.

Richard Hemming MW

Master of Wine | Singapore

Richard has worked in the wine trade for 20 years, ever since beginning his career in the retail arm of Majestic Wines. Since then, his passion has led him by the nose to roles to roles in both the northern and the southern hemisphere and virtually every aspect of making, selling and appreciating the world’s best wine.

In 2019, he made the move from London to Singapore to become Head of Wine, Asia for 67 Pall Mall where he delivers exceptional wine experiences for distinguished guests from across the globe.

When matching wine with Southeast Asian cuisine, anything sweet and sparkling usually works... For white, Vouvray demi-sec is a versatile semi-sweet style made from Chenin Blanc. For red, lightly-chilled Rioja is a good middle-ground option.

Sam Caporn MW

Master of Wine | UK

Sam has been in the wine trade for over 20 years, having travelled the world and worked with a wide range of retail brands in that time. She achieved her Master of Wine qualification in 2011 and is one of only 415 people in the world to hold that title. She also received the Madame Bollinger Medal for Outstanding Achievement in the Practical Paper portion of her Master of Wine exam.

Sam also has her own wine consultancy, Mistress of Wine, is a wine consultant for one of the UK’s largest retailers, and is a Co-Chair at the International Wine Challenge.

I am a huge advocate of just drinking what you enjoy, whatever that is. I think there is no such thing as a wine guilty pleasure!

Sheri Morano MW

Master of Wine | USA

Sheri is based in North Carolina and earned the esteemed title Master of Wine in 2003, becoming the youngest American woman to achieve the designation.

She is a senior partner at Wine Ring, consults for a number of wine companies, and also judges at wine competitions around the world. In her spare time, she enjoys running, gardening, travelling, cooking and cheering for her beloved Duke Blue Devils.

You don’t need to be an expert to know that you like something. You can trust your own preferences and have confidence in your choices. That’s actually the beauty of wine – there is truly something for everyone, every palate and every budget!

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