What to drink this autumn: Top wines and food pairings

September 13, 20233 Minutes

With autumn comes heartier meals and fuller-bodied wines. As the leaves start to change and the weather gets cooler, it’s time to shift our tastes towards heartier wines that pair well with those autumnal flavours. So here are some of our favourite wine and food pairings for you to enjoy this season.

Pinot noir with mushrooms

Earthy pinot noir is an excellent match for seasonal mushrooms. The light bodied red wine complements the rich umami fungi flavour beautifully. Try pinot noir with mushroom risotto, sautéed mushrooms over steak, or a mushroom pizza. The flavours marry together seamlessly and invoke the very best aromas of the season.

Here are some of the best pinot noirs of 2023.


Beaujolais with roast turkey

Pick up a fruity, low-tannin Beaujolais to go with your roast turkey and cranberry sauce. The bright cherry and raspberry notes of this French wine stand up to the flavours of the turkey without overpowering them, making Beaujolais the quintessential wine to pair with your white meats as you settle down for comforting harvest festival meal this autumn. 
If you’d like to explore more about Beaujolais, here’s where you can read more.

Malbec with chilli

Hearty, full-bodied malbec is right at home with equally hearty chilli. The spicy, peppery notes of Argentine malbec complement the spice, while the bold dark fruit flavours gel nicely with the meatiness of the dish. Add some melted cheese on top as you pour a glass of malbec for the ultimate cold weather pairing.

Read about the best malbecs for 2023 here.

malbec chili con carne
cabernet sauvignon pot roast

Cabernet sauvignon with pot roast

Big bold cabernet sauvignon will exalt the flavours of your tender pot roast. The concentrated flavours of cabernet are perfectly suited to stand up to the unctuous meat and vegetables in pot roast, and cabernet also has enough tannins to help cut through those rich, meaty flavours. This is a match made in autumnal heaven!

Finding a good cabernet sauvignon can be hard, so here’s a good place to get started.

Port with apple pie

End your autumn celebration on a sweet note with ruby Port and warm apple pie. The lush sweetness and ripe fruit flavours of port pair flawlessly with the cinnamon and baked apple notes of apple pie. The alcoholic gravity of port is nicely complemented by the comforting spices of apple pie. A perfect way to finish a cool weather dinner.

We’ll leave you with this great list of ports for you to try this autumn.

port apple pie

We hope these wine and food pairings inspire you to explore bolder wines this autumn!

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