Looking back on 2023

The topics and eventsthat defined our year


We hosted 151 events in 2023, covering 13 different themes across five different regions. It was another fascinating year for the tech landscape; but what have we learned about the industry after a year of sharing wine, dinners and ideas?

We grow with the C-suite

This year we opened over 6,700 bottles of expert-picked wines for over 2,000 industry experts on three different continents.
We also welcomed senior leaders to 18 luxury venues across London, Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin, Stockholm, Manhattan, Chicago, and Singapore.

Live events are back with a bang

Of our 151 events in 2023, over 70 of them were in-person CWO Dinners. We were delighted to see this renewed appetite for live dinners in exceptional venues amongst the C-suite and our clients. It also gave us the opportunity to host CWO Dinners in a range of new venues all over the world, including our first ever CWO event in Singapore!

The year of data and AI

Data was the most popular theme in our 2023 event schedule, and its most common companion was AI in its various guises. Generative AI, particularly, was a point of interest across every industry as use cases were feverishly generated to help carve out a competitive edge. With data as the foundation of AI success, it’s no surprise to see the two combined at over 60 events.

So long to the Metaverse?

After the fervour around Metaverse in 2022, we saw a significant dip in interest since then. What’s been noted across the board is the relatively high barrier to entry, with adoption numbers for headsets and other gear needed to interact with 3D spaces not being as high as the industry expected.

Experience matters

As always, the C-suite spent a lot of time talking about experience, both the customer and employee kind, and IT modernisation. And every year is the year that customers become the most demanding they’ve ever been, it’s essential for all product and service providers to craft and deliver cutting edge experiences that will keep them coming back time and time again.

What’s to come

in 2024?

We look forward to an expanded events schedule in 2024 with more venues in more countries, across a wider range of regions. We can’t wait to see how it all pours out.

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