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Promote your event content on the The Times

Chief Nation in partnership with Raconteur Media and The Times offer you additional post-event amplification in the form of video content and articles on the Raconteur’s exclusive partnership with The Times enables them to execute video and editorial campaigns across both &

Raconteur will work with us and you to create partner content that works to position your brand as a leader in your given field. Together we can create video and digital content which amplifies your event giving you additional assets to generate further interest, awareness and leads.

Raconteur partner with brands to co-create video or editorial content that matches their impeccable production values. The content span across both and, elevating your company to thought-leader status.

The Times Journalist at your event

We will invite an expert industry freelance journalist (The Times or equivalent) to your event to write a 1,000 word article follow-up about the event. They can also chair any discussions if needed.

  • Hosted on both and
  • Interviews with speakers, sponsor or attendees optional
  • Back-link and CTA to URL of your choice
  • Guaranteed minimum 2,000 views per article

Contact us to discuss pricing.

Event Video hosted on

The format includes:

  • 3 or 4 talking heads per video (Ideally 1 from sponsor brand, 1 speaker and 2 attendees)
  • Sole sponsorship accreditation
  • Consultation with Raconteur and Chief Nation on editorial theme
  • Dedicated Journalist, Producer and Director
  • 15 and 30 second promos for social
  • 300-word write-up
  • Back-link and CTA to URL of your choice
  • Minimum of 2,000 guaranteed views

PLUS ownership of all raw event footage also included in cost (1.5 – 2hrs).

Example of how your video could look following the event. 

Contact us to discuss pricing.

Bespoke video formats available on request*