Chief Experiences

A collection of memorable and engaging B2B event experiences

Inspired by the success of our CWO brand, Chief Experiences is a collection of engaging event experiences for the B2B industry for your prospects, clients and colleagues.

Whether you are looking to create new sales opportunities, strengthen relationships with existing clients or treat your staff to memorable events, our turnkey formats are the perfect solution.

Our turnkey event service looks after everything including invite and attendee generation, through to venue management, guest liason and hosting.

A great way to build relationships with both new and existing clients. Delighted with new logo attendees that joined our table.” Head of Marketing

Chief Wine Officer

Fine-wine tasting B2B event experiences for prospects, clients and colleagues.

In this classic format, guests are treated to a mix of business content, interactive discussion, and dinner or gourmet canapes. There’s the Chief Wine Officer experience – fine-wine tasting, entertainment and a hint of competition.

Together the format makes for a memorable, productive and lively evening.

Chief Gin Officer

Fashionable gin tasting event experiences for clients, colleagues or employees.

Building on the success of Chief Wine Officer, Chief Nation have created this exciting new gin-tasting event format. A fashionable twist to an already successful event experience CGO connects decision-makers and businesses in an atmosphere that is conducive to new business development.

Take a tour around the botanical world of gin or make your very own cocktails while connecting with your peers and customers at these prestigious events.

“Chief Nation delivered an outstanding event which helped us to build relationships with key decision makers from our target accounts.”  Sales Director

Chief Whisky Officer

Premium whisky tasting b2b events for the C-suite and their colleagues.

Gain all the networking and relationship benefits you see at our popular wine-tasting events, whilst exploring premium whisky. Topped off with education, entertainment and a hint of competition, these event experiences are conducive to new business generation, client entertainment and employee engagement.

Chief Whisky Officer certainly makes for a memorable night.

Chief Beer Officer

VIP Beer tasting B2B event experiences for senior executives and decision makers.

The proven Chief Beer Officer format is customised for maximising your business development and strengthening partner/prospect relationships.

Hear from the top beer aficionados, while taking part in an engaging beer tasting competition – and become the Chief Beer Officer.