Hosting a CWO event? Here’s how to make it a success – from those that know…

wine glasses on table

Are you thinking of hosting or sponsoring a table at a CWO event?

Among your full-service experience, you get a team of expert Event Directors who will work with you every step of the way.

It took a while to find a few minutes spare in their hectic schedules of successful event-organising. However, we persevered, and managed to get them to share 5 top tips for what’s needed to get the most out of an event:

Tip 1: Agree the brief

“It all starts with the brief, where you tell us what you want to get out of the event. Maybe you want to promote your business, meet decision-makers, or have some good conversations with existing customers. Just let us know, and we can develop a theme to make it happen.”

Tip 2: Get a customer speaker

“Guests always like hearing from a customer speaker. Maybe they’re facing similar challenges, or maybe they want to hear from someone who’s been there and who will share what they learnt.”

Tip 3: The magic number is 6

“Over the years we’ve found that 6 weeks is the perfect length of time to make sure your event is full. It gives us time to send out the right number of invitations, and help get people buzzing about what’s coming up on the night (or day or afternoon).”

Tip 4: Location, location, location

“Financial events do well when the venue is in the City, media events work well in the West End or Tech City area. Basically, the less distance your guests have to travel, the more will come. We’ve got connections with 5-star venues in most cities, just let us know where you want to hold your event, who you want to attract, and we’ll come up with some suggestions.”

Tip 5: Take your pick

“Wine is just one part of what we offer! We also offer whisky and gin tasting, a virtual golf experience… and we’re open to other suggestions that could work for your target audience.”

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