The Chief Wine Officer’s guide to never wasting wine

The wine novice knows never to waste a drop. So what if you want to take your wine drinking wine beyond the basics? A totally immersive experience rather than a simple swirl and swallow? Dive right in with this step-by-step guide on the best way to drink your wine. Choosing the bottle: There’s a theory...

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English wine & its sparkling future

We’ve all had one of those long days at work when there’s nothing you need more than a drink (or two). For those of us whose poison of choice is wine, we might have recently found ourselves going for the bottle of English bubbly instead of the traditional champagne. Is champagne’s reign as the sparkling...

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A perfect pairing: wine & Easter dinner

Easter is nearly upon us! A long weekend beckons, and it’s time to celebrate a break from work. Kudos goes to the people that had the willpower to purge themselves of chocolate, drink, meat and the other many treats that are usually given up for Lent. Forty days is a long time to abstain but...

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Chief Mulled Wine Officer

We might not know what to buy your friend, or how to help you navigate any tricky debates with family, but there’s one thing we do know about: wine. At this time of year there’s no better smell to fill your home than the heady, fragrant aroma of a steaming pot of mulled wine. What better...

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The Great Wine of China

Perhaps you think you’re a pretty adventurous wine-drinker, and you’ve sampled a lot of different regions. Chances are though that all the wine you’ve drunk so far has been from boring old planet Earth. Whether Old World or New World, it’s all been ‘World’ up till now. Well, now’s your chance to branch out, because...

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Building your Chief Wine Officer network

David Moore Managing Director, Chief Nation LinkedIn: Our Chief Wine Officer VIP networking events have been described as some of the best in the world.  In the next few months we have a number of dinners and roundtables in the USA, UK & Europe – and if you are attending, or interested, here is...

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